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Comprehensive Possessions Tracing Available At UK Background Checks

UK Background Checks aims to meet or even exceed the expectations of their clients.
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By: Anthony Tooth
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Date Added: March 14, 2016
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(Greater London, United Kingdom) - UK Background Checks ( is proud to present one of their professional investigation solutions, the Asset Tracing service. This is ideal to uncover the real wealth of a person and to use this information as support for legal actions.


UK Background Checks’ Asset Tracing is mostly used by those in the middle of Divorce proceedings. Some people feel that there are some assets their partner has not declared through the course of the marriage. This in turn could greatly affect the financial position of all people involved after the marriage has been dismissed.


Some of the findings this service could provide include shares, property ownership, machineries, vehicles, businesses, undeclared bank accounts, artefacts, antiques, and many more. The search is also not limited within the UK, UK Background Checks has strong partnerships overseas, so the investigation can be conducted worldwide.


UK Background Checks aims to meet or even exceed the expectations of their clients. According to them, “Our success normally depends on uncovering the real wealth of the subjects and whilst always case dependant it is noted that ourselves and our clients understand we can't always find what isn't there, when it is though, we are normally able to produce outstanding results”.


Asset Tracing is just one of the services available at UK Background Checks. They also have pre-employment checks, fraud checks, due diligence, and many others. Know more about this company and their services at


About UK Background Checks

UK Background Checks is the UK’s leading company in terms of the provision of comprehensive investigation and background checks. Some of their corporate clients include the Kent County Council, Aviva, Securicall, and Johnson & Johnson. For interested parties, there are many ways to contact UK Background Checks. Their physical office is located at 44 Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames, Greater London KT2 5EE. Their representatives are also ready to take your call at 0845 512 0440. For more information, log on to

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