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HealthRelated Charitable Institutions Supported By John Szepietowski

John Szepietowski supports various charities in the UK.
John  Szepietowski Picture
By: John Szepietowski
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Date Added: February 17, 2017
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Lawyer and property developer John Szepietowski ( has always been vocal about his advocacies. He is best known for the numerous charities that benefit from his generosity.


John Szepietowski is particularly keen on assisting people cure and prevent certain illnesses. Because of this, he founded various organisations such as Cancer at Large, Special Needs Learning, Anti Noise, and many others. He has dedicated his life’s work to support these charities as he is really passionate about their causes.


Cancer at Large, one of UK’s cancer information charity, provides assistance to the significant others of cancer patients by providing valuable information on the dreaded disease. This organisation knows how difficult it is to deal with such misfortune in the family, and so they aim to minimise the families’ stress by being a resource place to help them comprehend what their loved one is going through. According to Cancer at Large, “We understand that finding out a loved one that has been diagnosed with cancer is a worrying and traumatic time. We are here to help provide concise and coherent information so you can spend less time researching and more time caring for your loved one and helping them on the road to recovery”.


Special Needs Learning, on the other hand, is a group that caters to the parents of children with special needs. This institution employs volunteer experts who provide support to parents who need help in raising their children who may be a bit different from the rest. This group has helped a lot of parents deal with this very challenging responsibility, and many of them have provided their gratitude and praises for the organisation.


Lastly, John Szepietowski is also very much concerned about the effects that loud sounds coming from aircraft inflict on residents living near airports. Because of this, he founded Anti Noise, an organisation that focuses primarily on helping people living near London’s busiest airport, Heathrow Airport. Anti Noise encourages more people to be aware of the dangerous effects noise pollution can do to the body. Anti Noise provides information on the latest developments concerning Heathrow Airport and suggests for ways to minimise the dangers these changes bring.


All of these organisations’ websites can be accessed through John Szepietowski’s official site, Those who would like to extend their help or know more about them can freely visit their individual websites.


About John Szepietowski

John Szepietowski supports various charities in the UK. He has varied interests and helps charities across different industries. Aside from his health-related charities, he also aims to spread awareness on animal abuse, noise pollution, historic sites preservation. You may get in touch with John Szepietowski by sending in your enquiries or suggestions using the contact from on his website,

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